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Bruja's Brew Story

Tiana Olivo was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She is an artist of many mediums including drawing, painting, pottery, jewelry-making, sewing, graphic design and cooking. At 11 years old, Tiana started her first business making and selling jewelry. She was a hit at summer orchestra camp. After high school, she became successful with another business hand-painting unique designs onto t-shirts. Later, after completing a nationwide animal rights tour for a non-profit organization called FARM, Tiana moved to Austin, Texas where she enrolled in a plant-based culinary school called The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. It was during this schooling that Tiana first learned how to brew kombucha. From that moment on, Tiana made kombucha at home, experimenting with many different flavor combinations. Once Tiana graduated in 2015, she was immediately hired to work at Apple Inc. to work as a barista in one of their juice bars. 

While working at Apple Inc., Tiana and a co-worker  joined forces and brought life to the juice bars. They were given creative freedom to change the menu, add new items and revamp the place. They added healthy shots such as wheatgrass and lemon-ginger as well as raw vegan snacks like kale chips and chia pudding. Eventually they took on the task of brewing kombucha in high production and it was a hit. They rotated 10 flavors throughout each month and were consistently selling out. The kombucha was such a huge success that Tiana decided to create her own brand and start a kombucha brewery.

Tiana will be seeking donations through a crowdfunding campaign, called Indiegogo, to begin her own business brewing and selling kombucha as well as healthy shots, vegan snacks and much more. She hopes to begin at a food trailer and eventually expand to a brick and mortar. Support Bruja's Brew Kombucha by following us on our social media platforms as well as sharing our page with friends and family to help spread the word.